Fields of expertise:

Hardware R&D design

Component selection, schematics drawings, PCB design, file generation for production (Bill Of Materials, gerber, pick & place,...)

EMC test standard and certification:

  • During schematic and PCB design, EMI/EMC aspects are systematically taken into account
  • Experience with compliance certification testing. E.g. radiated emission measurement (anechoic chamber measurement,..), immunity testing,...

Boards can be designed for industrial mass production: testing, calibration and firmware flashing (e.g. test fixture, test point, functional tests, JTAG probe, software for automated tests,...)

Technologies :

  • Microcontroller: microchip PIC, atmel ATmega AVR; atmel AT91 (ARM9) ; ARM Cortex M3: TI Stellaris (formerly luminary), STMicroelectronics STM32
  • Interface: I²C, SPI, CAN, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, MMC, USB
  • Wireless: WiFi, IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee, 6lowpan, rime), RFID
  • FPGA: lattice
  • EDA: cadsoft eagle, altium designer

Software development

Embedded software development: hardware platform porting (BSP), driver, firmware.

  • Languages: Assembler (ARM/thumb, atmel avr), C, C++, C# (.Net), Java, PHP
  • Scripting: bash, perl, tcl,...
  • Compiler/IDE/debug: GNU GCC suite (usage & toolchain conf/building), GNU GDB, OpenOCD, Eclipse, MS Visual studio C#, Keil Realview MDK-ARM
  • Linux distro: Debian, OpenWRT, Poky linux (yocto)
  • Embedded software: Bootstrap, u-boot, linux kernel, contiki OS, freeRTOS
  • Network: TCP/IP stack (linux, uIP), IPv6, cryptography